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Time Slip June 2, 2006

Posted by Matt Hurst in Personal Life.

I have a serious problem with sleeping.  Although I have been up for only 17 hours, I am running on 3 /12 hours of sleep.  To top of this inconvient truth I have hit the point where insomniacs feel they can go on for another day.  And the sun is rising in New York.
Sobriety will make a man do stranger things than inebriation; I do believe this is the first night in nearly a month (to the best of drunken recolection) I haven’t had a drink.  Oh sure, the day started hung over, but now I must contend with sleep madness.
I am having anxiety attacks about tommorow – Lara was right (as usual).  I read Ksen’s zine about amoung other things, the internet and meeting people on it.  For the first time since finals week I am thinking clearly again – and by clearly I mean critically.  It’s doing wonders at killing the hopeless romantic that was creeping out again.
Sleep deprivation combines once more wiith a strange city, leaving me unsure of myself.  You’re gonna have to bring your A-game Lara; I’m not sure I can bring mine, but I will try anyway.  

PS – Please forgive the self-indulgence again LJ.  I think typing something out that wasn’t grandoise, but still ranting helped out a lot *zzzzzz*…

Heavy Metal <3s and *flowers*



1. nitrokin - June 2, 2006

Relief will hit again.

Things will be more than ok. From what I can tell, Lara’s personality is shining.

2. blenderboi - June 2, 2006

I don’t need much sleep, either…

I blame the energy drinks for mine, lol, and unlimited supply of them-haha!

And that I am just liek the squirrel from Over The Hedge

3. vegasyogagirl - June 3, 2006

Hi there- I followed you here from Consumating and I’m just taking a peek. I really enjoyed the voice posts- first ones I’ve heard.

4. skewgee - June 5, 2006

she glows a soft golden smile that beams a radience over us both. all doubt has been erased

5. skewgee - June 5, 2006

i can undertand the feeling. i am replying in a net cafe

6. skewgee - June 5, 2006

ooo, oooo. what’s your consumating name?

7. vegasyogagirl - June 5, 2006

Same thing- VegasYogaGirl.

8. vegasyogagirl - June 5, 2006

Is it ok if I add you to my friends list?

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