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Accents for Adam June 21, 2006

Posted by Matt Hurst in Uncategorized.


1. adam_alligator - June 21, 2006


i have a friggin mic. i wanna hook you up.

2. skewgee - June 21, 2006

you wanna plug it in, lolz!

cell phone microphones are terrible. for instance, lara actually has a beautiful voice in person

3. adam_alligator - June 21, 2006

p.s, you’re right – i wouldn’t have a clue which state/region you’re from based on this exhibit.

4. adam_alligator - June 21, 2006
5. skewgee - June 21, 2006

you. are. too. much.

ye gods, i love your voice

6. adam_alligator - June 21, 2006

it doesn’t matter that it’s sort of a put on “operator” voice, in terms of tone, right?

7. glove_to_face - June 21, 2006

I could listen to you read an entire book!!

8. glove_to_face - June 21, 2006

I, too, have a non-descript accent. I think I enjoy that.

I like how your voice isn’t “too” deep. My brother’s voice gives me mini-headaches.

9. tastycookies - June 21, 2006

omg adam. hoottttt!

10. tastycookies - June 21, 2006

are you saying i have a gross voice over the phone? 😦

11. skewgee - June 22, 2006

i am saying that everyone on a cell phone has a grossly distorted mid-range in the audio reproduction

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