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Disclaimer (for WordPress) July 23, 2006

Posted by Matt Hurst in Blogroll.
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The critics agree about American Dream blog:

“Thanks for the kind words–your presence and voice in class added an essential dimension…thanks.” – Kathy Sullivan (paid in full)

“This is the first I’ve seen of them” – Mike Steinberg, professional documentarian

“perhaps it’ll gain you a following of sensitive, poetic girls…” – ksen, love triangle expert

” I s’pose it would be nice to have someone observe your situation, not knowing anyone close to you, causing them to formulate honest and fair opinions…You do drink an awful lot, but makybe drinking through this is for the best. You can forget the most of it and I can be on my merry way. Eventually.” – Veronica Mink, 1920s flapper icon

“the sort of bliss one can only find in the midwest.” – Mr. Benigans, noted Zine artist

“aw, we’re not allowed to have whores? then what am i supposed to do for money? and since when did a cat give you sexual gratification? (meow.)” – Miss Serbus, award winning poet

“It is us in all our stupidity, or thurs for power or even in our indifference who create the most damage.” – J Nichols, inadvertantly paraphrasing MLK Jr.

“I would expressedly never read anything Thadius Ignatious Elliot wrote.” – Matthew Hurst, no introduction necssary


Proseful Poetics – “of Cliches” July 22, 2006

Posted by Matt Hurst in Proseful Poetics.
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So many cliches
lowest common denominating
ears between airwaves
it drives me crazy

So many cliches
into minds melded
shaping our thought array
Thinking outside the box

So many cliches
much more than metaphor
culturally making reverberate
good vibrations

So many cliches
made out of ordinary verse
we’ve already hearsed
make your voice heard

So many cliches
creating callow abandon
like pages I’ve written
I’m burning up

So many cliches
narrating the common
fable archetypical of
a book yet to be written

So many cliches
stolen thoughts independant
free through repetition
of So many cliches

An open call to “indie rock” July 19, 2006

Posted by Matt Hurst in dialogues.

indie rock?
hey, it’s me Mattu. no, i’m fine.
mmhhmm, yeah.
listen i’m just calling because i was talking to some friends the other day, and they say you’ve sold out.
i don’t know, it’s just…
i didn’t want to say anything, but we’ve been friends for awhile and-
hey now, you have no room to speak about hip-hop like that, he has money problems.
can you hear yourself?
god damnit, i haven’t heard somebody so wrapped up in themselves before!
Well, maybe if you made something a little more constructive.
Wait, what’s that i hear in the background?
Another goddamn xylophone!
no i like the xylophone, but can’t you stop doing that when i’m listening to you.
of course i like acoustic sounds, but you used to have imagination.
hey now, i like experimenting with new things, but using acoustic instrumentation is not beating down the walls of corporate conformity.
no, you sound like a james taylor cover band.
i don’t care if you put it over a dance beat!
i’m sorry, i can’t keep putting you on mash-ups anymore if you keep using this tone with me.
of course i support the scene, but you sound like an ipod commercial waiting for the call from steve jobs.
i can’t take kind of bullshit anymore!
call me when you have something interesting to say.
(fucking sellout)

ADb annual reader survey July 14, 2006

Posted by Matt Hurst in Blog Announcements.

Thank you for reading American Dream blog. Would you please help us improve this blog by answering a few questions for our annual reader survey?

What is the primary reason you read American Dream blog?
Cultural Commentary/Reviews
Political rantings/ravings
Lucid/Languine Prose
Biting Satire/Polls
Personal Interest in the Author

Of the following, whoich would you be interested in reading (check all that apply)?
A version of American Dream blog, external of the LiveJournal system
More political analysis (including Geopolitics, cultural study, and satire)
A more Journal-y LJ, with more personal dialog riddled behind prose
A collective blog, bringing in other authors on a regular basis A book, free of any personal involvement

How did you first discover American Dream blog?
Personal contact, through friends
Online Contact, through discussion
Following links (through other blogs, google search, etc)
You made me come here through constant nagging
Boredom/Class Priviledge of the internet

Add you own answer to above questions/additional comments here

We appreciate your patience, all blogs are full. This poll may be monitiored by the NSA for terrorism-control purposes.

* All poll results have a margin of error of +/- 100%

Birthday Party (belated entry) July 5, 2006

Posted by Matt Hurst in Cultural Portraits, Politics.
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It was the people’s birthday, and like any good work day the kids called in sick.  The kids had been keeping strange hours the weekend before, slinging back beer bottles like they were a bottle of water after a long run.  They made a boisterous sound where others would here them, proud of themselves and a day of release and abandon.  That is only after they made there way out of the house, if they would at all.

I made my way out of the compound, where every other kind of store that could turn a profit would be open.  Profit was the only motive involved in a gas station or grocery store, where we spotted men and women proudly swaggering towards their cars with bottles of tequilla and rum in each hand – celebration would take some mental lubrication in order for at least themselves to get off today.
  (i am speaking of The Fourth of July, a national holiday at one time).  We had barely worked our way out of the paid prison block to the grocery before we found ourselves stumbling back in to the plausible deniability that could be called privacy.  The compulsion of american social society pushed me out the door, though i could do without it.  Greater comfort of relative seclusion seemed a priviledge takrn for granted these days, even as we journeyed for coffee and drink in successive trips.   In the end, it was together that we had reason to celebrate, though not necessarily the holiday at hand.

It wasn’t so much that a shortage of things to be done could be found as much as that they were too afraid to go out.  The past year had seemed as cruel as ever, except there was even less to celebrate.  A holdiay to celebrate freedom found its last refuge in the home, where over phone lines and spending records tied to their address people could question just as well.  Any pair of homosexual couples, gleeming the week before in pride, could feel the pinch of constitutional meassures contrary to the very spirit of equality.  And the very idea of waving flags sickened ordinary men and women with the failed amendments against how the flag might to used, especially as fire kindle; although those using it as the backdrop to open genocide and general madness abroad had no sense of its descration.  So if we stood as good patriots whilst the national anthem played over loud speakers and television sets, it was only in fear that big brother were watching us all the while (even at home).