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ADb annual reader survey July 14, 2006

Posted by Matt Hurst in Blog Announcements.

Thank you for reading American Dream blog. Would you please help us improve this blog by answering a few questions for our annual reader survey?

What is the primary reason you read American Dream blog?
Cultural Commentary/Reviews
Political rantings/ravings
Lucid/Languine Prose
Biting Satire/Polls
Personal Interest in the Author

Of the following, whoich would you be interested in reading (check all that apply)?
A version of American Dream blog, external of the LiveJournal system
More political analysis (including Geopolitics, cultural study, and satire)
A more Journal-y LJ, with more personal dialog riddled behind prose
A collective blog, bringing in other authors on a regular basis A book, free of any personal involvement

How did you first discover American Dream blog?
Personal contact, through friends
Online Contact, through discussion
Following links (through other blogs, google search, etc)
You made me come here through constant nagging
Boredom/Class Priviledge of the internet

Add you own answer to above questions/additional comments here

We appreciate your patience, all blogs are full. This poll may be monitiored by the NSA for terrorism-control purposes.

* All poll results have a margin of error of +/- 100%



1. nilsinedeo - July 14, 2006

-‘Personal interest in the author’ sounds naughty. D:

-A more journal-y journal (so I can read your innermost thoughts and laugh at them in the form of comments).

-Personal contact, through friends.

Add you own answer to above questions/additional comments here:
I know Jessey. You know Jessey. One day, I helped Jessey set up an LJ. A weekish or so later, she was like “HEY I KNOW THIS KID HE ONLY HAS ONE FRIEND ON LJ YOU SHOULD FRIEND HIM” so I was like “LOL K” and here we are.

2. homeless_spork - July 15, 2006

I was convinced you gave up… or died.

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