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all lines open August 2, 2006

Posted by Matt Hurst in dialogues.

America, is that you? I’ve been calling you all week, where have you been? Don’t tell me you were out helping your friend, I heard all about it on the news. Yeah, I know you have to keep your secrets, but what’s a secret between friends. I mean we used to be friends. You changed.

Me? I’ve been crossing the Delaware again. Remember when I used to live around there? How could either of us forget, it could’ve been a turning point for you too. No, they shut down washington’s park, but washington square is open for business. I know New York’s a mess, but will you stop sending your relatives to ground zero. No, it’s just that they have no respect in that house, as if nothing is sacred to them anymore.

Speaking of which, will you stop using that god voice with georgie boy? no, it’s just that he hears enough “from god” to cancel out whatever you tell him. i suppose if you believe in anything hard enough, you’ll find evidence to make it seem real. I’m just not sure I believe in dreams anymore. At least not the ones that make you judge so many people you used to say need an open relationship so that we could talk freely. Now we’re just given every reason to be suspicious of you, since your shadow casts itself in the darkness.

Call me back when you have something constructive to offer. Peace.



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