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LOLogging the democratic Prez cannidates debate April 26, 2007

Posted by Matt Hurst in debates, Politics.

7:46 – G’night everybody!

7:37 –  look we all know you hate Hillary, but “she’s not unlikable” Mr Matthews?  you really want to like her the same way a homophobe secretly wants to come out, don’t you ?

7:34 – the same prankster who cut Dennis Kuccinich’s mic seems to want to shut up Chris Matthews now

7:32 – i know this thing is over, but did you spot barrack & his wife talking with DK’s wife afterward?  did you know his wife was hot?  no really now.  do you think they swing?  omgwtflol

7:31 – Brian Williams says “you can now applaud” .  beer me

7:30 – Joe Biden endorses HillDog.  what are you even doing here then? 

7:29 – Hillary Clinton courts the invisible man vote: “you’re invisible” 

7:28 – time’s up JE , time proportional to hair cut fees. spontaneous laughter on words “Senator Clinton”. 

7:27 – John Edwards, i can hear a buzzer in that pause.  time’s up 

7:26 – scratch that.  Mike Gravel is making this a tag team match 

7:25 – Ten Bucks says DK is totally gonna jump BO in the parking lot after this.  way over on time

7:24 – BO is teaching his daughters how to change light bulbs.  i didn’t know he was Polish too

7:23 – Mike is mad as hell, and he’s not gonna take it (terrorists) anymore! 

7:19 – Joe Biden makes a dig on Thomas Friedman that only 1% of the audience gets but didn’t find very funny anyway.  no wonder he said “all kidding aside”.  no kidding

7:17 – no shit!  i got that same pocket-sized constitution copy too! “we have to protect this constitution”…all i can think about is pocket protectors.  DK, prop comic

7:15 – does hillary think iraq was responsible for 9/11?  well, not anymore.  but seems to think state sponsors should be bombed.  anybody seen khadafi lately? 

7:14 – John Edwards wants to know how 9/11 happened.  someone should sit him down and explain 

7:12 – on Brian William’s reading list – “My Pet Goat”.  he’s wondering if BO is sympathetic to fans of the book and it’s hypnotic effects on its fans. 

7:11 – show of hands!  – hey, who’s the prankster turning off DK’s mic?  he also doesn’t believe in the war on drugs (or the war on terror, as the others raised hands for) 

7:09 -hillary also has recieved the “more gestures” memo.  admitedly, mid-debate tactics

7:05 –  Mike Gravel courting the peacenik highly prized paranoia-mom voters (too bad he’s right on the money).  when i say everyman politician, i mean he sounds like every man i see up at TJ’s diner

7:01 – BO loses the valueable Taiwan-American voting block to Republican again.  it’s the big of rats in the year of the pig all over again 

7:00 – lightening round!..concludes  “no such thing as a single sentance with this crowd”  time is up, now we’re just talking to political junkies

6:59 – uh oh…DK just started speaking in HR #blahblah-age talk

6:57 – sounds like Chris Dodd is totally freaking about that piss test he has to take to get the job

6:55 –  Bill Richardson, @ a loss for words, painfully admits “i’m too aggressive…i’m not perfect”.  that why you’re in politics, lol

6:53 – Mike Gravel can quote somebody else’s debate joke “i won’t hold my opponent’s youth and inexperience again them” .  you hear that chris dodd? – he’s the senior statesman in da house y’all. 

6:51 – local question “NAACP bans South Carolina” .  would they like south carolina to seceed from the union as well?  j/k

6:49 –  Hilldog – “srsly, don’t be nervous.  i knew there was a problem awhile ago.  did you ever know I tried to change healthcare b4?  YA RLY”

6:47 – Barrack Obama cares about black people… and other challenging statements after the jump

6:46 – John Edwards wants to tell you “rhetoric is not enough”.  don’t take my word for it either :B 

6:45 – if you think your going crazy, it’s just cuase everyone is talking mental health.  important – yes.  presidential – yes.  political – no.  Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 

6:44 – show of hands! – who’s packin’ heat?

6:42 – Hillary is pulling a gun control version of Guiliani and 9/11.  elect me and Virginia Tech would not happen 

6:40 – Bill Richardson, SCoTD (Supreme Court of The Dead) 

6:39 –  26 years.  he just can’t get over that.  26 fucking years chris dodd.  just make him president already!  we already have a monarchy, and princes don’t have to wait this long

6:38 – DK (dennis kuccinich) is listening to people, opening up hearts, by speaking loudly at you 

6:36 – o m g, Biden just got Borked.  litmus unnecesary for me – unless a repub will nominate them 

6:35 –  can Barrack Obama get around the question, but still manage to come off as a frsh alternative

6:33 – i think this “is an extraordinarily difficult issue” for John Edwards

6:32 – SRSLY,  E

6:31 – i think mike and denis are totally getting a beer after this debate.  they’re gonna party, and dennis is gonna break the “wild-eyed” talk to let him down real easy

6:30 – Mike Gravel:  vaudeville act  WHOA – nuclear proliferation outta nowhere.  he makes this debate fun

6:29 – Joe Biden: stand up comedian

6:28 – note to Denis, it’s not going to be enough to answer every question tonight with his Iraq policy 

6:26 –  o m g Chris Dodd is reminding us about experience, lol.  and the host wants this to be a round about “personal qualities”.  taking firm stance against unpopular issues  like Campaign finance reform 😛

6:25 – I guess Bill Richardson got the “make lots of gestures to help communicate better” memo, as if he’s trying to impress his boss and win a promotion 😉

6:20 – lost wi-fi connection.  John Edwards wants SC to remember he has been here before…not his last election, but when he was a kid that is 

6:18 – “second phase…may be attached”.  is brian williams about to change strategy in iraq?

6:13 – This is officially the most anyone has heard from Chris Dodd  since his cannidacy was announced.

6:08 – John Edwards thinks it’s important to “restore trust in the white house”.  so why can’t i stop thinking of carter in 76 all of a sudden 

6:04 – Bah!  liuke Hillary wasn’t the obvious first pick for that question 

6:03 – someone shut Brian Williams up.  adults know how these things work

6:00 pm CST – Here goes!



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