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Rate the Debate May 3, 2007

Posted by Matt Hurst in debates, Politics.

Rate the Cannidates

Rate the Cannidates

Instead of live blogging the debates (in part because i don’t understand their cannidate field as well), this time I’m trying out MSNBC’s experiment. In this interactive feature, you can watch a short video clip of each cannidate talking about the issues and indicate whether you have a positive or negative impression of them.  You can save your results for each cannidate.  Then, after (watching) the debates you can see new clips of the cannidates speaking in the debate and indicate your impression of them, so you can see if it changed. 

Not a bad idea, although it’s not exactly an indcative poll.  I’ll stick my neck out a little bit (please keep in mind that I am a left-leaning independant) and share my picks now, to compare later.  These rating are mostly relative to this field of cannidates, and are not necessarily indicative of how i’d vote in a general election, and I do not plan on voting during my state’s Republican primary.  I promise not to flip-flop by changing my previously stated stances, unlike many of the cannidates on stage tonight.

My Favorability/Republican presidential debates

Before After
Sam Brownback
Jim Gilmore
Rudy Giuliani + +
Mike Huckabee +
Duncan Hunter
John McCain + +
Ron Paul + +
Mitt Romney
Tom Tancreno
Tommy Thomson +
Fred Thomson lol N/A


“+” = positive impression, (if color is green indicates postive change)

“-” = negative impression (if color is red indicates negative change)



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