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Disclaimer (for WordPress) July 23, 2006

Posted by Matt Hurst in Blogroll.
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The critics agree about American Dream blog:

“Thanks for the kind words–your presence and voice in class added an essential dimension…thanks.” – Kathy Sullivan (paid in full)

“This is the first I’ve seen of them” – Mike Steinberg, professional documentarian

“perhaps it’ll gain you a following of sensitive, poetic girls…” – ksen, love triangle expert

” I s’pose it would be nice to have someone observe your situation, not knowing anyone close to you, causing them to formulate honest and fair opinions…You do drink an awful lot, but makybe drinking through this is for the best. You can forget the most of it and I can be on my merry way. Eventually.” – Veronica Mink, 1920s flapper icon

“the sort of bliss one can only find in the midwest.” – Mr. Benigans, noted Zine artist

“aw, we’re not allowed to have whores? then what am i supposed to do for money? and since when did a cat give you sexual gratification? (meow.)” – Miss Serbus, award winning poet

“It is us in all our stupidity, or thurs for power or even in our indifference who create the most damage.” – J Nichols, inadvertantly paraphrasing MLK Jr.

“I would expressedly never read anything Thadius Ignatious Elliot wrote.” – Matthew Hurst, no introduction necssary