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Proseful Poetics – “of Cliches” July 22, 2006

Posted by Matt Hurst in Proseful Poetics.
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So many cliches
lowest common denominating
ears between airwaves
it drives me crazy

So many cliches
into minds melded
shaping our thought array
Thinking outside the box

So many cliches
much more than metaphor
culturally making reverberate
good vibrations

So many cliches
made out of ordinary verse
we’ve already hearsed
make your voice heard

So many cliches
creating callow abandon
like pages I’ve written
I’m burning up

So many cliches
narrating the common
fable archetypical of
a book yet to be written

So many cliches
stolen thoughts independant
free through repetition
of So many cliches