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Twitter linkage April 18, 2009

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I’ll be sending a daily digest of Twitter activity here, especially as it has become my blogging platform of choice since I started using it in September of 2007.
Hopefully that will continue my persuit of understanding the American Dream, now living here in the Nation’s capitol.


Liveblogging the debate September 26, 2008

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live from #DC, it’s another debate lolblog!

Highway 61 May 21, 2007

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 Highway 61

a new collective¬†local blog venture of mine….

those interested in st louis culture, etc might be interested

Accents for Adam June 21, 2006

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st. louis blues June 19, 2006

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something to hold us over a bit


End Transmission June 2, 2006

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I have arrived safely, and am i too tired to make the words i’ve wanted to say.  I got in town about 12:30 am for my estimate, so about 3 and a half hours late (ye gods, earlier than it seemed).  I was jerked around airports all day, and promptly enlisted the decidedly non-corporate transportation of the Gypsy cab.  Dear god Bubba!

The room makes for agreable living  except for one thing that’s been bothering me all day long – too much noise.  The highway and my music are too loud.  The airport and it’s planes and commuter check-ins are too loud.  The security gate and the passengers make far too much noise.  The Barking cab drivers looking for fresh meat and the city itself are too loud.  
I may be going deaf today, which makes me like a hollow imprint.  On it’s surface the print a hollow press makes has a definitive look, if only because it draws focus to the mark it made (lets call it a character).  However a hollow imprint is actucally defining the charecter by the suface of the ink – everything outside the charecter defines what it is.  The alternative, the pressing print in defined in bold charecter, drawing attention by its own print on the white sheet of paper.  I am feeling very controlled by this environment in all it’s noisy array.

Anyway, i’m excited/nervous/relieved to have finally made it.  The bird has perched.

Voice Post June 1, 2006

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